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How the Mullen FIVE is Positioning to Disrupt the EV Auto Market and Challange Tesla Model X

As global EV auto sales topped the $1 trillion mark for the first time in 2022 one emerging EV automaker out of Southern California has been rapidly growing through acquisition and recently launched the Mullen FIVE – a super luxurious EV crossover SUV that is as powerful as it is beautiful and is set to compete against the Tesla Model X and others. Starting at just $55k and available for reservation here, the FIVE goes 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, has a range of 325 miles (523 km) on a 95 KWh battery pack, and a super-fast charge from 0 to 80% (260 miles of range) in just 21 minutes. The FIVE also qualifies for the $7,500 federal tax credit    

To get a sense of just what a spectacular car the Mullen FIVE really is, watch the video below, preferably on an 80-inch screen or larger with a powerful sound system. Make sure you turn up the base and turn off the lights and then press play. Now, don’t you feel chills up the back of your spine like I do? When I see this video, the hair on the back of my neck stands up when I think about how amazing it will be to own and drive a Mullen FIVE. The FIVE is a strikingly beautiful car that was first unveiled at the LA Auto Show in 2021 where it won the Zero Emission Vehicle Award (ZEVAS) in the ‘Top SUV ZEV’ category against competitors like the Rivian R1S and Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring. Demand for the Mullen FIVE skyrocketed after the LA Auto Show prompting Mullen to increase its reservation limit for the FIVE from an initial 5,000 to 25,000 vehicles. We will be updating on MULN when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to newsytrends.com by entering your email below.

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The Mullen FIVE expresses both a futuristic and minimalist feel, with a notably spacious interior created by the design team at Thurman Design, a team of engineers, trend researchers and CMF designers, drawing on their decades of experience at BMW and haute couture brands, Volkswagen/Audi, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and of course Ferrari. The FIVE has large, modern, luxurious and ergonomically correct seats that cradle the driver and passengers in comfort without resorting to an overstuffed aesthetic. All instrumentation and screens are easily within the sight and touch of the driver. A mobile phone charger rests in the center console.   

The Mullen Five is a driver’s car, and like all driver’s cars, the steering wheel is a critical element and was a focal point for the design team at Thurman who spent a lot of time on the Mullen FIVE steering wheel which stands for sportiness and calmness at the same time. The materials used create a sense of harmony from a visual point of view, but also include a unique feeling of touch and a distinctive smell. When I first saw the Mullen FIVE up close the first car, I thought of was Bugatti. The Mullen FIVE is not a car your grandparents or even your Parents would drive, the car has the design of an ultra-high end Italian luxury sports car. Mullen itself describes the Mullen FIVE the best: “Introducing the all-new FIVE, premium compact sport utility electric vehicle. Designed, engineered, and manufactured entirely in the USA, the FIVE embodies everything that is thought to be unthinkable, inconceivable, or impossible; but only until you get in the driver’s seat and imagine what’s possible.”   

The Mullen FIVE features the Company’s patented PERSONA infotainment technology that utilizes facial recognition to personalize the driving experience for every individual. At roughly 8-10 feet out from the vehicle, the Mullen FIVE recognizes the driver, unlocks and sets up the infotainment, climate control, seating, lighting and navigation, to your settings. Persona also recognizes when someone is getting too near to your Mullen FIVE and flashes a message to let those people know that the vehicle is alarmed and activated. Persona also comes with a pet safety mode, so passersby won’t be alarmed when they see your pet locked in your Mullen FIVE, knowing the FIVE is providing a comfortable temperature inside for the pet via the exterior camera monitor system built into the B pillar of the vehicle, despite the lack of engine noise.   

The FIVE easily beats out Tesla and the rest of the competition in price and range, but its the Company’s EV battery technology that gives Mullen a distinct advantage. The reason range is so important in EV’s is because it takes a long time to charge them, usually overnight. The Mullen FIVEs 95 KWh battery, features a fast charge from 0 to 80% (260 miles of range) in just 21 minutes. After a 260-mile drive, most drivers are going to want to rest for at least 21 minutes anyway, during which time the FIVE will be 80% recharged. While the Mullen FIVE is cheap compared to the Tesla Model X which starts at $97K, it leaves the Mercedes-EQ EQS SUV starting at $104.4K. with a 305-mile range in the dust. 

While the Mullen FIVE already features an explosively fast 0 to 60 time of 3.2 seconds which puts the FIVE right up there with the best European supercars in the world including, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren and Bugatti, the Mullen FIVE RS takes performance to a whole new level truly putting the FIVE RS in a league of its own. Featuring Mullens patented solid-state polymer 150 kWh battery pack as well as an 800-volt architecture, all-wheel drive, a two-speed gearbox, and 1,100 horsepower, the FIVE RS can accelerate from 0 to 60 in a face-melting 1.9 seconds and is mechanically limited to a top speed of 200 miles per hour (321 Kilometers per hour) meaning it could go a lot faster if Mullen engineers let it.   

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Mullen is led by its CEO, David Michery, a talented deal maker who started off his business career as a music producer, going on to produce 18 gold/platinum albums. As an entertainment executive Michery was also central in the creation of Baywatch, and as the show became the number one rated show on television, Michery began buying exotic cars including a Ferrari and thus began his love affair with European and Italian sports cars and it shows in the design of the Mullen FIVE. Since Michery was a little kid, he loved things that “went fast” and he decided to take his Baywatch money and start an airline. At some point however, he decided to buy Mullen, an EV startup from its founder, Arthur Allen instead.   

Michery’s talents as a Hollywood dealmaker soon transformed the EV startup into public Company when Mullen went public via a merger with SPAC Net Element. Soon, Michery would go on a major acquisition spree acquiring the controlling share in Bollinger Motors for $148.2 million, home to the B1 through the B6 Cab forward EV trucks. Michery also acquired Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) which went public via a reverse merger in June 2021 with Forum Merger III Corporation, a SPAC which raised a total of $294 million and valued ELMS at $1.4 billion a the time. Michery also acquired two massive world class manufacturing facilities in Mishawaka, Indiana, and Tunica, Mississippi, that would cost at least $2 to $3 billion and several years of development if Mullen had to build them themselves.   

Like ELMS which Michery was able to buy for $248 million out of bankruptcy, Michery also acquired Coda Motors, one of the OG EV companies from the 2000s – it was basically just them and Tesla at the time. And although the Coda product line didn’t really go anywhere, what is important is that Coda invested billions in battery management systems which is what gives Mullen such a distinct advantage in battery technology over its competition today. Coda also invested heavily in drivetrains, and other technology that makes EVs move. It was from Coda Motors, Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS), and Bollinger Motors where Mullen acquired its extensive and valuable intellectual property portfolio of US and international patents.  

Mullen’s new state of the art facility with 650,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space in Mishawaka, Indiana was originally built by AM General where they manufactured the Hummer H2 for General Motors. The Plant was acquired by Electric Last Mile Solutions (ELMS) shortly after they went public for $145 million.  The plant can easily produce over 50,000 vehicles per year. Mishawaka, Indiana, located about 205 miles from Detroit, Michigan home of the big 3, has a rich history in ultra luxurious vehicles going back to 1906 when the Simplex Motor Car Company began manufacturing its American Simplex car in Mishawaka billed as “a motor-car symphony.”  

Mullen’s other manufacturing facility is its state of the art, 124,000 sq. ft. turn-key engineering and Advanced Manufacturing facility in Tunica, Mississippi – located about 463 miles from Dallas, Texas. The total available land on the property is over 100 acres and Mullen could quickly expand to 5 million sq. ft. of manufacturing space at the site. On the expanded site, Mullen is building out a body shop, a fully automated paint shop, and a general assembly shop and has already moved ahead on a 1.2 million square feet expansion to support class 1 and class 2 EV cargo vans and the Mullen FIVE EV Crossover production. Mullen is also building a proving ground with the ability to perform on-site static and dynamic vehicle testing. This will help ensure that Mullen is at the forefront of automotive industry standards for EV’s. The Company plans to employ 1,200 people at the factory within 3 years.  

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While the Mullen FIVE is set for production in summer 2023 and delivery in early 2024, the Company’s EV Cargo Vans are already a hot ticket item, recently getting a second fleet order from UNC Charlotte, as well as the $200 million purchase order for 6,000 Class 1 EV cargo vans from Randy Marion Isuzu, and the more recent $63 million purchase order for 1,000 Class 3 EV low cab forward trucks. Class 3 vehicle deliveries commencing in August 2023. Someone recently called MULN a meme stock, but that just means its retail investors favorite stock to buy and there is a reason for that; EV companies usually trade at very high valuations, take Fisker for example which is pre-production and only has 1 production plant and trades at a $1.15 billion market valuation, down from $2 billion market valuation. Meanwhile, Mullen trades at a market valuation of around $125 million. We will be updating on MULN when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Newsytrends.com by entering your email below. 

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  1. Mishawaka is 206 miles from Detroit, not 40 miles. And, Tunica is 465 miles from Dallas, not 150 miles. What other information in the article is miles away from the truth? Not enough time to interview a map for this one, Bo Rimes? Thank You for Reading!


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