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Regen BioPharma (OTC: RGBP) Volatile Biotech Targeting Tumors, Cancer, Leukemia and Bone Marrow Disorders with Valuable Patent Portfolio in Focus

Regen BioPharma (OTC: RGBP) is an exciting biotech that holds over 17 patents for cancer treatments & cures including mRNA trading at a tiny $5 million market valuation. The Company is focused on developing cellular therapies (including CAR-T cells) as well as RNA and DNA technologies for the treatment of various cancers and currently has 1 IND cleared and 2 INDs submitted with the FDA. Regen offers a diverse pre-clinical pipeline including platform technologies and strong intellectual property protected by multiple patents targeting multiple indications including Solid Tumors, Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Leukemia, and Bone Marrow Disorders targeting a global market with hundreds of billions. 

Regen has a strong core group of investors who continue to support the stock and accumulate at current levels and will be buying more on any sustained upward movement. Recently the Company affected a 1 for 1,500 reverse split bringing the OS to a tiny 3,381,366 shares outstanding. Regen is also an SEC filer and gets its SEC filings out in time and is eligible to uplist to OTCQB. The stock has a long history of enormous moves skyrocketing in 2021 in 2 separate occasions near a dime ($120 post-split) and can move very quickly on any good news. Regen has a diverse pre-clinical pipeline spanning cell therapies, RNA Vaccines, RNA And DNA therapeutics and small molecule drugs. We will be updating on RGBP so make sure you are subscribed to newsytrends.com by entering your email below.

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Regen BioPharma is focused on developing modulators of NR2F6, an immune checkpoint for which the Company has a strong patent portfolio. NR2F6 is becoming recognized as a key regulator of T cell function. NR2F6 is anorphan nuclear receptor which naturally suppresses the Nuclear Factor of activated T-cells (“NFAT”) and cytokines that require NFAT for expression including IL-18, IL-17 and IL-2. Regen is currently developing RNA and small molecule drugs that activate or inhibit NR2F6, as well as CAR-T cells genetically modified with NR2F6 blocked. These drugs will be tested for efficacy in various cancers and autoimmune disorders 

Regen Bio owns a valuable intellectual property portfolio including 17 patents for cancer treatments & cures including mRNA as well as over 20 patents pending. The Company is led by CEO David R. Koos, PhD, DBA who has over 30 years of investment banking and venture capital experience. He has a deep knowledge of startup businesses, public markets and SEC reporting companies. Dr. Koos has extensive relationships with large and small financial institutions, hedge funds and entities that Regen BioPharma expects to leverage for company growth. Regens’ Scientific Advisory Board includes Ravinder Reddy, Ph.D. Mohammad Haris, Ph.D. Stefano Bertuzzi, PhD, MPH, David A. Suhy, PhD, Weiping Min, MD, PhD, Amit Patel, MD, MSc, Santosh Kesari, MD, PhD, Rohit Duggal, PhD, William S. Blaner, PhD, Jonathan Baell, PhD, Hinrich Gronemeyer, PhD,   

Regen has big plans in 2023; according to CEO David Koos: “The field of immunotherapy is expanding at an unprecedented rate, and this is exemplified by the astronomical rise in the use of immunotherapeutic drugs, which now are believed to possess a 100 billion global annual market. Through positioning ourselves to control multiple means of inducing immunity to survivin, we are seeking to concurrently advance our science, diversify our portfolio and provide possible new revenue streams to shareholders.”  

Regen BioPharma focuses on creating immune checkpoint medicines.  An immune checkpoint is a mechanism by which certain cells of the immune system, typically T cells, are kept from being fully activated. This type of restraint on the immune system is important in the normal functioning of the immune system. However, it is now well-established that many cancers have an ability to trick immune cells into up-regulating their checkpoints and thus shut down the ability of these immune cells to kill the tumor. Several drugs which target checkpoints, termed checkpoint inhibitors, are currently used as standard of care in certain cancers. Regen has been focusing its research on a novel immune checkpoint called NR2F6.  

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Regen Bio Product pipeline: 

DuraCAR – Currently in pre-clinical development, Regen has filed patents on shRNA that is designed to inhibit NR2F6 expression in CAR-T Cells and make these CAR-T cells have long-term, durable effectiveness. Regen expects that inhibition of this checkpoint protects CAR-T cells from exhaustion, a common problem of existing CAR-T cell therapies. Blocking NR2F6 in CAR-T cells should also make these cells more effective at killing solid tumors.  

KimerApt – Currently being developed as a T cell enhancer and cancer stem cell inhibitor, Regen has designed a platform technology that uses aptamers that have dual functionality. Aptamers are DNA or RNA sequences that can bind to and inhibit receptors just like antibodies. Regen’s aptamer design has two functions – receptor inhibition and targeted gene inhibition via siRNA delivery. This platform technology can be used for a wide variety of immune cell and cancer cell targets.  

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Small Molecules Targeting Cancer and Autoimmunity – Currently in pre-clinical development, Regen has identified and filed patents on small molecules that activate and inhibit a novel gene (NR2F6) which controls how the immune system reacts to cancer cells and to inflammatory responses. The objective is to identify small molecules that can activate and inhibit NR2F6  

HemaXellerate – is a personalized cellular therapeutic product designed to stimulate blood production in patients whose bone marrow is not properly functioning. HemaXellerate uses patient’s own fat as source of endothelial cells to heal damaged bone marrow  HemaXellerate – IND #15376 cleared to proceed to phase I / II clinical trials.  

dCellVax – Breast Cancer – dCellVax – IND #16200. CellVax is a dendritic cell-based immunotherapy that stimulates the patient’s immune system through a process called “gene silencing.” Currently Regen is addressing FDA questions with Dr. Santosh Kesari, head of UCSD Neuro-Oncology program. Establishment of safety will allow for rapid expansion of patient numbers  

tCellVax – Solid tumors – tCellVax – IND #16928. tCellVax is a cell-based immunotherapy that stimulates the patient’s immune system through gene silencing of NR2F6 (Solid Tumors). Initial indications: solid tumors. Regen is currently addressing FDA questions with Dr. Santosh Kesari  

DiffronC – Myelodysplastic Syndrome Gene Silencing – DiffronC is a novel form of therapy called differentiation therapy that is expected to have much milder toxicity than chemotherapy. The mechanism of action is to correct the specific genes that prevent the myelodysplastic syndrome stem cell from producing mature blood cells. Other indications include solid tumors and acute leukemia  

In January RGBP announced the filing of a provisional patent application covering the use of survivin-engineered dendritic cells and exosomes for stimulation of anti-cancer immunity. The intellectual property provides additional means of stimulating specific elements of the immune system to selectively seek and destroy cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.  Dendritic cells are the most potent immune cell capable of activating T cells.  T cells are the effectors of the immune system and in the present case are the cells that are involved in killing survivin-expressing tumor cells.  The cancer marker survivin appears to be present on most of the major cancers but not on non-malignant tissues.  

The Company has previously designed dendritic cells for treatment of breast cancer utilizing a process called gene silencing.  The current work capitalized on lessons learned in developing DCellVax[1], as well as novel findings regarding utilizing of exosomes, naturally occurring nanoparticles with ability to modulate the immune system. We will be updating on RGBP so make sure you are subscribed to newsytrends.com.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in RGBP either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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