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Trans Global Group Inc (OTCMKTS: TGGI) Southsea Global’s Zuixiangui Reverse Merger Running Back Over Double Zero 2s as News Comes Out of China

Trans Global Group Inc (OTCMKTS: TGGI) volume is picking up on TGGI as the stock moves back over $0.002 hitting highs of $0.0023 on Wednesday. The Company continues to make significant progress in China as reports continue to come back. TGGI has been at the top of bulletin board investors’ watch lists since the Company completed the reverse merger with Southsea Global Limited, the parent Company of Chen Rens Zuixiangui Wines. TGGI has a massive international following that is once again getting behind TGGI and accumulating at current levels. There is a lot of great due diligence on TGGI online. 

New CEO and controlling shareholder, Mr. Ren who was a well-known singer/songwriter along with TGGI president, Mr. Tang Jiacheng have an ambitious 3-year plan to make Southsea subsidiary Zui Xian a globally recognized spirits brand and taking Trans Global Group to the big boards one day. Since taking over the Company Mr. Ren has got TGGI to pink current and now TGGI is an SEC filer with audited financial statements. Zuixiangui recently partnered with the well-known Singaporean audit firm Enrome LLP to ensure that the company’s operational data is compliant. ZuiXianGui is also expanding into additional markets with the “Buy Free Life” e-commerce service platform; a daily necessities group purchase and retail service platform among other things. We will be updating on TGGI when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to newsytrends.com by entering your email below. 

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Trans Global Group Inc (OTCMKTS: TGGI) is a Chinese holding Company, incorporated in Delaware that does business via its subsidiary Company’s including Shenzhen ZuiXianGui Brewery Technology Ltd., a Wine Company based in Guangdong province, China focused on becoming a globally recognized Wine brand. Zui Xian which is focused on wine distribution and retail sales wants the whole World to fill in love with “ZuiXianGui” 

The TGGI story started back in September 2020 when now CEO Chen Ren acquired 93% off the outstanding voting power of TGGI from Matthew Dwyer for $150,000. Now the controlling shareholder, Mr. Ren is a well-known singer/songwriter who has always dreamed of running a Nasdaq listed Company. Chen Ren, along with TGGI president, Mr. Tang Jiacheng have long been very public about their intentions of making Zui Xian a globally recognized brand and taking Trans Global Group to the big boards. 

In August of last year, TGGI executed the reverse merger with Southsea Global Limited via a share exchange agreement with ZXG Holdings Limited (“ZXGBVI”), a BVI Business company. the sole shareholder of ZXGBVI, Southsea. a BVI Business Company, which is wholly 100% owned by Mrs. Woo Shuk Fan, and Woo, as the officer, director and shareholder of Southsea. Under the Share Exchange Agreement, One Hundred Percent (100%) of the ownership interest of ZXGBVI was exchanged for 1,465,761,689 shares of common stock and closed the acquisition of ZXGBVI on June 30, 2022.   

TGGI CEO Chen Ren founded ZuiXianGui and with a vision of building Chinese flavored liquor and a Chinese liquor culture, building the brand with special quality and multi liquor culture, and striving to create a healthy and good wine belonging to China and the world.  Zuixiangui was first operating as a holding company with a focus on acquiring Chinese liquor companies. Recently,  Zuixiangui has expanded its operations. 

ZuiXianGui uses its patented technology to remove impurities from the wine which improves the taste and quality as well. More recently Zuixiangui has been developing a new website targeting wine enthusiasts in the US and Europe which could bring the company’s premium wine to new audiences globally. Zuixiangui also owns the Zuixiangui Liquor Brewing Base which includes production workshops, wine warehouse workshops and packaging workshops covering an area of more than 49 acres with an annual output of over 4,000 tons. Southsea also owns an international holding business center, a Shenzhen alcohol marketing center, a VIP Club, and ZuiXianGui International Holdings Limited. Also, as part of the merger, one of the companies which could be included in the resulting conglomerate is Shenzhen Baoyuanjin Industrial, which presents considerable upside potential. Engaged in processing mobile phones, auto parts, and aerospace products, Shenzhen Baoyuanjin Industrial has 18 patents including 3 core invention patents. 

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醉仙归国际控股| 自由微信| FreeWeChatZuixiangui, buy free life e-commerice service platform is a daily necessities group purchase and retail service platform developed and operated by Shenshen ZuiXianGui Brewery technology Co Limited. TGGI. The Company relites on the online “purchase free life” e-commerce service system and offline “purchase free life: physical display stores to form a full scene of fun and experiential consumption, for brand owners and consumers to build the bridge of the nearest distance, so that brand owners of high quality goods can be directly delivered to the hands of consumers, the perfect realization of the online shopping mall transactions and offline store display, experience seamless combination. The Company also solves the problem that people enjoy a fair and easy entrepreneurial opportunity while consuming a stress free quality.  

On October 11, 2022, TGGI Zui Xian Gui entered into an investment agreement with Guangzhou Jinxin Technology Service Limited, the major shareholder of Bi Xuan You Pin (Guangzhou) Limited (“BXYP”). BXYP is a PRC business company, which is 70% owned by GJTXS. Under the Agreement, 34% of the ownership interest of BXYP was purchased by the Company by the total amount of RMB 88,888.00 from GJTS. Consequently, after completion, the Company has the right to assign one or two persons to BXYP to serve as the directors, financial or management officer, to promote the corporate governance, and to participate in the operation and management. The Company shall bear the same proportion of the monthly expenses of BXYP according to the proportion of equity it holds.

As of March 31, 2023, if BXYP dealer team achieves the revenue performance up to RMB 500 million which is according to BXYP’s 2023 financial statements, TGGI will reward the dealer team its common stock equal to RMB 50 million market capitalization (calculated according to the market value on the day of issuance). If the target revenue performance is not reached, the corresponding shares will also be rewarded according to the actual revenue performance. The Company and TGGI will send teams to cooperate with BXYP’s financial audit work and conduct a comprehensive market value evaluation of BXYP’s e-commerce platform. After the valuation and audit, the Company and TGGI will consider wholly acquiring all the equity of BXYP for the reorganization through capital or stocks.   

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Currently trading at a $42 million market valuation TGGI os is 22,131,339,996 shares outstanding and as of the last filing the Company is virtually debt free. TGGI is an exciting story developing in small caps; as we said new controlling shareholder Mr. Ren, along with TGGI president, Mr. Tang Jiacheng have long been very public about their intentions of making TGGI a global enterprise and uplisting the stock to a national market. Currently under accumulation TGGI is moving northbound back over $0.002 hitting a high of $0.023 on Wednesday. While TGGI makes big moves in China the stock has liquidity, and a significant and growing shareholder base bidding TGGI higher. TGGI did announce a RS last year which has not been consummated that cost the Company about 90% of its market valuation at the time. We will be updating on TGGI when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to newsytrends.com by entering your email below.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in TGGI either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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