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Quantgate Systems Inc (OTCMKTS: QGSI) Under Accumulation and Getting Noticed

Quantgate Systems Inc (OTCMKTS: QGSI) has started 2023 off with a bang reversing off 52-week lows of $0.0165 earlier this month and moving northbound since closing up 21% on Friday with a high of $0.052 and a close of $0.043. On the OTCQB QGSI 283 million OS is mostly restricted with just over 30 million free trading shares giving the stock the ability to move easily. Also, QGSI has historically traded at higher prices; topping $0.25 per share in September 2021 and more recently $0.145 in July of 2022. 

QGSI has been getting noticed after the Company recently disclosed that on December 17, it issued 1,122,840 common shares on conversion of debentures at $0.35 per share for a total conversion in the amount of $393k. This follows the ex-CEO and shareholder Govin Misir acquiring 90 million shares of QGSI at USD $0.20 per share from the Founders of QuantGate in July 2022. At the time Mr. Misir’s decision represented a vote of confidence in the future success of QuantGate and its ability to create value for shareholders. We will be updating on QGSI when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to newsytrends.com by entering your email below.  

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Quantgate Systems Inc (OTCMKTS: QGSI) operating out of Toronto, Ontario and New York City, QGSI is a fintech company developing sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and proprietary big-data processing algorithms to deliver SaaS solutions and seamless API integration. The Company’s core intelligence identifies investment opportunities across multiple asset classes, rooted in the financial markets, and perfected for cryptocurrency exchanges, enabling its valued clients to make better informed investment decisions. Turnkey solutions and efficient API’s, founded on robust and scalable SaaS architecture, easily allow 3rd party integration. 

QGSI products include the Stealth and Stealth Pro desktop active trader platform, enabling traders to conveniently and securely benefit from cutting-edge artificial intelligence and to gain significant performance improvements based on Real Time Sentiment. StealthPro synthesizes large quantities of data in real time to effectively assist traders in making trading decisions through a simple to understand set of gauges. The gauges make it easy and intuitive to quickly anticipate future price action for securities providing a powerful opportunity realization interface, filtering the noise and eliminating complexity. 

Stealth Pro analyses the trading activities or market participants for a given security. In doing so it provides active traders, portfolio managers, analysts and market makers with a predictive view of all market participants’ current and anticipated behavior, allowing them to execute more timely market entry and exit decisions. The company’s algorithms, based on trader psychology, have been continuously proven to be effective. StealthPro has enabled QuantGate to reach a new trading audience. It’s an audience that will now have access to a powerful and effective trading decision support application. 

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In the summer of 2021 the Company launched Pilot Pro, a powerful AI/ML trading mobile platform that monitors real-time market activities and order flow to allow traders to profit from market dynamics. According to the presss release at the time the Company planned to reach 1.6M+ active users in more than 200 countries worldwide by integrating with Interactive Broker LLC. (“IBKR”). 

At its core, Pilot Pro analyzes the electronic order book of over 24+ financial exchanges and 300+ crypto exchanges to establish predictive relationships among Perception, Commitment, Equilibrium, and Sentiment (Four Algorithms) to deliver short-term (5-15 minutes) pricing directions across more than 60,000 securities (Stocks, Forex, Futures, Crypto assets) traded worldwide. Using our AI proprietary algorithm, Pilot Pro shows the top 10 opportunities in real time. The gauge meter over 80% or more for a security indicates that the market has reached an overbought/oversold level; and therefore, a potential trading opportunity exists. 

The most recent press release from the Company was back on December 7 when they announced the termination of the previously announced LOI with CoinAnalyst. The Company did not give a reason for the termination but stated that as a result, the non-binding letter of intent entered into between the Company and CoinAnalyst, dated October 14, 2022, has been terminated effective December 5, 2022. 

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Currently trading at a $12 million market valuation QGSI os is 283,929,137 of which 251,804,437 are restricted leaving 32,124,700 shares in the public float. While the Company does have over $3 million in liabilities and has struggled to gain traction with its AI platforms or earn any meaningful revenues, QGSI has avoided diluting the stock and has formed important partnerships with Interactive brokers, Tradestation and Wedbush. We will be updating on QGSI when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Newsytrends.com by entering your email below. 

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Disclosure: we hold no position in QGSI either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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