Mama Zula – The Complete Biography


Mama ZulaGreat Reggae Music

If there is a simple code for creating music and there are certain artists that come along that know the code such as Rodrigeuz, the Weeknd or Cypress Hill than Mama Zula knows it too. Her (?) music is spectacular and every song she makes is great, not just some of them, all of them have something special and listening to them makes me happy.

She is one of those artists like YBZ Kartel that you can listen to for hours and hours and it will just make you happier and cheer up your day.

So who is Mama Zula?

Where is Mama Zula from?

Why isn’t Mama Zula famous yet? she will be soon!

If you can answer any of these questions please comment below and we will update this aritcle as more information comes.


We will be updating this article as more information on Mama Zula emerges. We will also be posting some more of here songs here.

Find Moma Zula on Spotify here:

There are very few images available online of Mama Zula. Does anyone have any more? If so please comment on this article.

Música Reggae: Running from My Doom - Mama Zula - YouTube




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