Everyone is Talking about Alpine 4


Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd has been on a fast move up since reversing off $0.0056 lows earlier this month. The stock is trading significant volume and has quickly attracted a growing shareholder base that continues to bid ALPP higher. There is a lot to get excited about on Alpine 4; the Company sports very significant fast growing sales and its subsidiary Morris Sheet Metal Corp (MSM) continues to announce one big contract after another.

Alpine 4 Technologies Ltd is a publicly traded conglomerate that is acquiring businesses that fit into its disruptive DSF business model of Drivers, Stabilizers, and Facilitators.  According to ALPP corporate website: At Alpine 4 our greatest competitive advantage is our highly diversified business structure intertwined in our motto of SIDE (Synergistic Innovation Drives Excellence). Under this model our subsidiaries have access to greater talent, resources and skill sets that their competitors don’t. Our primary goal is to help drive Alpine 4 into a leading multi-faceted conglomerate with divergent products and services that not only benefit from one another as whole but also have the benefit of independence. This type of corporate structure is about having our subsidiaries prosper through strong onsite leadership while working synergistically with other Alpine 4 holdings. Alpine 4 has been set up very much like a private equity group, with Presidents who will run each business and Portfolio Managers, with specific industry related experience, that along with our CEO, will help guide our portfolio of companies as needed. Corporately we also work with our subsidiaries and capital partners to provide the proper capital allocation and work to make sure each business is executing at high levels. At the core of our acquisition strategy our focus is on existing smaller middle market operating companies with revenues of $5 million to $50 million. In this target, rich environment, businesses generally sell at more reasonable multiples, present greater opportunities for operational and strategic improvements and have greater potential for growth.

In February Alpine 4 announced its subsidiary, Morris Sheet Metal Corp (MSM) has received purchase orders of over $3,800,000 in new contracts for 2019.  This includes a major brand name internet shopping site distribution center as well as a large food processing plant.  MSM will provide sheet metal for air handling and product movement throughout the building. The sales and profit forecast for 2019 looks robust.  This was followed by a June announcement of another $4.5 million in revenues for Morris Sheet Metal Corp.

Tom Laubhan VP of Operations MSM had this to say at the time; “Morris Sheet Metal and JTD Spiral have progressed in their Alpine 4 optimization plan and expect to see a 35% increase in revenue over 2018.  In the first five months of 2019 we have secured over 4.5 million in additional contracts.  We anticipate a strong 2020 with many new projects in development.”

Also in May Alpine 4 announced it received $1.3mm worth of purchase orders with a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial equipment for its subsidiary American Precision Fabricators (APF)

On June 25 Alpine 4 announced it has secured an additional $1.06m in new production and installation work in the month of May. These new orders are primarily focused around our manufacturing, commercial and hospital clientele.  MSM is expected to begin this work in Q3 2019 and continue on through Q1 2020. MSM has provided mechanical contracting services to its customers across the US since 1998.

Currently making a move since reversing off $0.0056 lows earlier this month Alpine 4 has $26.8mm in assets and just under $17mm in current liabilities which has resulted in significant dilution in the past. Alpine 4 is an exciting company with fast growing and significant sales reporting $7,125,989 for the 3 months ended March 31, 2019 up from $2.6mm for the same period last year. Alpine 4’s revenues dwarf most that trade on the OTCBB and with its subsidiaries continuing to announce one big contract after another there is a lot to get excited about here.


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