June was Rewarding for Rafarma Pharmaceuticals (RAFA)


Rafarma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (RAFA) is a little known Company that trades on the pink sheets and sports a yield designation from OTCMarkets Group. RAFA has seen a wild June during which it ran as high as $0.482 before dropping below $0.20. Now on a fast rise again RAFA has been getting noticed amongst small cap traders.

RAFA is a provider of various health-related ranging from natural supplements to special-purpose agricultural aids. The stock has skyrocketed in recent months as the Company has entered the red hot cannabis space, hired a new spokesman and released a number of exciting press.

Earlier this year RAFA acquired Dartis D.O.O.and Ekopostopek  a Slovenian-based developers and manufacturers of Cosmetics, Therapy Creams, Gels, Sprays and vitality products. Rafarma has acquired complete ownership of Dartis D.O.O. and Ekopostopek D.O.O., for Rafarma stock. This addition brought an  entire  new  line  of  products  to  Rafarma  as the  company propels itself  into new personal care channels including CBD-based products. The acquisition brings Rafarma the exclusive rights to distribute Dartis and Ekopostopek products in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Asia.

The Company has also brought professional snowboarder Glorija Kotnik on board as its spokesperson and new face of the company. The pairing launches a joint campaign “Together to New Victories” for Rafarma and Ms. Kotnik in the pursuit of peak human performance. Glorija Kotnik is a member of the Slovenian National Snowboard Team and three-time Olympian (2010 Vancouver, 2014 Sochi and 2018 PyeongChang). With more than 120 International Ski Federation (FIS) races under her belt, she will forever be one of, if not the best, Slovenian female snowboarders of all time.

Rafarma recently obtained approval of its application for farming cannabis in Slovenia through its wholly-owned subsidiary (Green Drop D.O.O.). The Application was one of only three accepted and approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Economy And Food Of Slovenia. This year, Rafarma will be cultivating two fields of cannabis to be used exclusively for Rafarma’s products. Rafarma already had 3,000 square meters of cannabis farming land and has just acquired an additional 7,000 square meters from partner companies. Rafarma plants the seeds at a distance of 2m so that plants are well ventilated and have a place to grow. A new irrigation system has been installed to maintain production during summer.

Rafarma expects to raise approximately 20,000 seedlings in the month of June. The yield will be about 8,000 peaks, of which approximately 70% of the CDB resin can be obtained. The fields will be harvested in August of this year.

On June 19 Rafarma announce an agreement with Aetsoft LLC. one of the leading developers of blockchain software in the world. Under the agreement Aetsoft provides Rafarma with exclusive rights to proprietary cannabis control software based on state of the art blockchain technology. All the rights to the developed software solutions transfer to Rafarma. Together with Aetsoft, Rafarma plans to implement the use of blockchain technologies for its own proprietary cannabis control software and will license the software for other cannabis producers & regulators around the world.

Rafarma CEO Srečo Bojt. Stated:

“The cannabis industry has traditionally been fragmented, untrustworthy, and often illicit, but is now moving towards greater legitimacy. New research shows the powerful health benefits of cannabis and its derivatives, and strong social movements are pushing for increased legalization. One way to improve the reputation of the industry is to modernize it, standardize it, and make it fully verifiable–built on a system of trust between patients, doctors, growers, and suppliers. Blockchain technology offers an ideal solution. Since blockchain creates an immutable ledger and assured contracts, it can easily accommodate the recording and storing of all product life cycle events, verify patient identification, assure payments, and more. We at Rafarma will be one of the industry leaders in this modernization.”

Currently trading at a $29 million-dollar market valuation RAFA is a little known pot stock that boats significant fast growing revenues reporting $3.1 million in sales for the Quarter ended April 30, 2019. RAFA reported a $945,000 net un-audited net income for the Quarter. RAFA is an exciting story developing in small caps; the stock loves to move and has quickly established a fast growing shareholder base that continues to bid this one higher.


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